Our Latest Adventure


Our location at the corner of 1st Avenue and 37th Street is the latest addition to the Marché Family. It boasts lofted ceilings, an extensive Deli with delicious Coffee and Espresso Drinks. In the back of the large store you'll find our fresh and filling Salad Bar as well as our Hot Buffet. Between the two, tucked away in prime People Watching space is our Beer & Wine bar stocked with Four seasonal Draft Beers as well as a range of different Moscato's, Red Wines, and White Wine. Our Sushi is brought fresh from our 40th Street location every morning and our Grocery Items are the utmost in Gourmet & Delicious!

Should you find yourself in need of a caterer, this location boasts experienced and congenial staff that would love to accommodate you and your group! Simply call and ask to speak with the Catering Manager.

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